Royal Geographical Society and Financial Times essay competition 2020

Routes is pleased to partner with the RGS and the Financial Times to showcase the winner of their 2020 school essay competition.

The 2020 Essay Competition, organised in partnership between the RGS and the Financial Times, asked students to discuss the geographical story behind a chosen set or sets of data related to sustainability and climate change. The competition sought thoughtful and well-argued responses to the topic, which was based around the COP-26 2021 aims ‘to increase climate ambition, build resilience and lower emissions’, and was open to all A Level geography students aged 16 – 18 in the UK. We are pleased to showcase the winning entry.

Reuben Meadows (All Saints RC School, York)

Plastic: A problem of excess.

The upcoming COP-26 aims to find workable solutions to the emissions crisis and develop ways to push sustainable development for a cleaner world. One subject often little discussed in this field is plastic; not only is its single-use culture damaging for our society, but a significant problem we need to find a solution for in order to combat the climate crisis.

Read Reuben’s full essay on the RGS website here.