Submission timeline

Author submission date (in any year)Allocation to EditorsEarliest likely publication date
1st December – 28th FebruaryEarly MarchSeptember the same year
1st March- 31st May Early JuneJanuary the following year
1st June- 31st August Early SeptemberApril the following year
1st September- 30th NovemberEarly December April/ September the following year
Approximate timeline between author submission and earliest publication
If work is submitted at any point between 1st December - 28th February on any given year, it will be allocated to an Editor in early March. Authors should expect to receive feedback from two peer reviewers on their work around three months after this date (early June). If a submission has minimal corrections, and it is returned back to us promptly, there is a good chance it will be published in the September issue of Routes.

Students can submit work at any time.

We allocate submissions for review at four points in the year. The date work is submitted will determine when it is allocated to an Editor and in turn the earliest possible date that it can be published. There are three publications in each year (September, January and April).

Issue Date of publication in a given year
1Early September
2Early January
3Mid- April
Schedule of Routes issues in any given year

If feedback from the review process requires authors to resubmit work, this process is likely to extend this publication timeline considerably. There are also occasions when following an initial round of corrections, the Editor-in-Chief will ask authors to make further edits. This should be seen as a constructive measure to support authors to improve and develop their work.

The timeline is intended as a guide only. Publication schedules can change and there may be last-minute editorial decisions that mean your submission is assigned to a later issue. Please remember that the review process takes time and we prioritise quality feedback and work over a rushed publication schedule.

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