• To bridge the gap between scholarship in secondary and higher education 
  • To open up publishing to groups of geographers that have traditionally been excluded on account of their level of geographical training 
  • To give students a positive experience of academic writing and publishing 
  • To support and enable as many submissions through to a positive outcome
  • To establish a network of geographers that support student geographical research and writing, that includes students and staff in schools, universities and beyond
  • To showcase the breadth and diversity of contemporary geographical scholarship 
  • To encourage submissions from different types of schools and higher education providers across the UK
  • To accommodate submissions in a variety of formats including, videos, essays, photographs and sound recording. 
  • To act as a mark of distinction for quality work in geography
  • To develop students’ skills in scholarly writing

Issue dates

There will be three issues per year. Issues will be released in January, April and September of each year.