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I am interested in being a reviewer, what’s involved?

Routes seeks to be a space for publishing the very best of student work in geography. This requires the expert knowledge of a diverse community of geographers who are able to ensure that this work is accurate, innovative and rigorous scholarship that represents the diversity of our discipline.

Geography teachers, post-graduate geography students and those with geography doctorates are integral to this process. By reviewing submissions, you help facilitate opportunities for student geographers to develop their scholarship.

Please sign-up to be a reviewer for Routes. 

Who can be a reviewer?

If you are:

  • a current UK-based geography teacher with QTS and experience of sixth form teaching,
  • a current post-graduate student in geography (master’s or doctorate),
  • a current UK-based researcher/ lecturer in geography with a doctorate,

We are especially, but not exclusively, looking for current teachers in the state sector to join the review panel.

If you are a PGCE student and in your final term you can sign up to be a peer reviewer.

As a peer reviewer, you will be sent student submissions to peer review that match your area of interest and expertise.

You should be confident that you have time to review a 2,000-word submission within a two week window


You will get chance to read some of the best and most innovate student work in geography.

You will be contributing your knowledge and expertise to enabling students of geography to have an outlet to publish their work. This will be invaluable to them when they come to distinguish themselves in the UCAS process and in applications for post-graduate study.

You can find out about more benefits here.

What does the review process look like?

Please click here to find out more about the review process.

How to get involved?

Please complete the sign-up form here and we will contact you shortly

If you have any questions, please email