Be an Editor

Our open call for editors has now closed. Please email to express your interest in being an Editor and we will contact you when are looking for new Editors. Please note this role is voluntary and it is not likely there will be a call for Editors more than once per year.


  • Routes is committed to ensuring that our Editorial Board reflects a balance of genders, ethnicities and educational backgrounds in line with our values. Prof Gillian Rose provided a powerful editorial to our second issue on the theme of Diversity and Inclusion.
  • As of April 2021, our Editorial Board is made up of 11 people (including the Editor in Chief and the Managing Editor. The EB is made up of seven men and four women. More information about those who currently serve on our Editorial Board is available on the Routes website.
  • The Editorial board includes seven teachers who currently teach geography in secondary schools, four of whom teach in comprehensive state schools and three teach in independent schools.
  • The Editorial board includes three university-based academics, including two women who are Lecturers and one man who is a PhD researcher. 

The work and role of an Editor

  • Each Editor is allocated submissions by the Managing at four points during the year (more details here). Editors work with two peer reviewers per submission to provide constructive feedback that is focused on the development of the submitted work.
  • Although the numbers of submissions allocated each quarter varies, we estimate that Editors give about 10 hours of their time every three months. 
  • In the first year of establishing Routes, joining the Editorial Board has been a process of invitation by the Editor in Chief and the Managing Editor. Now that Routes has become more established, we have an open call for those who wish to join our Editorial Board. We would normally expect that prospective Editor will have served as a Routes Peer Review prior to becoming an Editor however, if prospective Editors have other relevant experience this will of course be considered.