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We know that submitting your work to Routes requires a certain amount of confidence in both yourself and in your work. The profiles on this page allow you to hear directly from Routes authors why they think you should submit your work.

Sophia Buchanan Barlow

University of Exeter

After my undergraduate degree, I want to go onto further study and I thought getting my work published in Routes would be a great stepping stone. Exeter’s Geography staff are incredible and have inspired me to produce work I am proud of. The peer-reviewing process has strengthened my writing and developed my interests through receiving constructive feedback from other geographers.

Joshua Paul

University of Cambridge

I wrote for Routes because I thought it would be great opportunity to further develop my interests in geography, as it allowed me to have a platform for an in-depth exploration of a topic I thoroughly enjoy! The process of writing was highly rewarding, as the incredibly helpful peer-reviewers came up with nuanced ways for me to improve my argument and develop my thinking in broader contexts. If you are considering writing an article for Routes, then I can say that it is certainly worth doing — it is a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding process!

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