Review process

Information about the submission and peer-review process

  1. Student submits article to Routes via the submission form
  2. Submission sent to two reviewers
  3. Reviewers will make the decision to either 1) accept, 2) accept with corrections (corrections are minor) 3) request resubmission (corrections are likely to be more substantial) or 4) reject
  4. If an article is 2) accepted with corrections the submission should be re-submitted within two months.
  5. If there outcome of the review process is 3) request resubmission– the student has two months to re-submit, but we acknowledge that this may take longer.
  6. If the article is 1) accepted, the author will be informed by the Senior Editor and the article will be published in the Routes journal. If unsuccessful, authors shouldn’t be put off and can apply with a different submission.