Feedback and review process

Peer review for Routes is undertaken as a ‘double blind review’ as both the author(s) and reviewers remain anonymous. Each submission will be independently considered by two reviewers as well as the nominated editor.

The purpose of peer review

The process of peer review should open up the opportunity for dialogue between author, reviewer and editor and this should be as positive and constructive as possible. Providing constructive feedback that helps authors improve their work is an important part, but in acting as reviewers and editors also benefit from opportunities to shape and develop their own writing and thinking through reading the research of other geographers.

In summary peer review serves two key functions:

  • Acts as a filter: ensures research is properly verified before it is published
  • Improves the quality of the research: rigorous review by other experts helps to hone key points and to correct inadvertent errors

Article acceptance criteria

If you are a student author preparing your work for submission, please use this document to help you. This is the framework that will be used by peer reviewers to assess your submission.